CreatureArtTeacher – Acting for Animation with Aaron Blaise

Learn how to breathe LIFE into your animation with world renowned artist, animator & director Aaron Blaise! In this in-depth course, Aaron Blaise (“Brother Bear”, “Mulan”, “The Lion King”) takes you through is approach on how to to create characters that seem believable and real. He will teach you how to evoke emotion from the character and connect with the audience. You’ll get 20 videos and over 20 hours of content covering:

Acting & Emotion
Broad Action
Subtle Acting & Performances
Conveying Subtext
Changing from one emotion to another
Animating to Dialog
Creating strong poses & keyframes
Developing Well Rounded Characters
“Straight Ahead” vs “Pose to Animation”
Breaking Down a Shot for maximum impact
Acting & Animation Exercises
& Much More!





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Mirror :-

CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part01.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part02.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part03.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part04.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part05.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part06.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part07.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part08.rar
CreatureArtTeacher Acting for Animation.part09.rar










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  1. The files do not work. Keep getting the error message that they are not valid RAR files. Please re-upload working RAR files. I posted this before but you deleted my comment.

  2. Thank you so much for your efforts i really appreciated for uploading, but mag i know how i will join the gfxdomain…because i want to download using torrent in some courses it is not full available by provided links while some are too big ….it would be a great help if we are allow to download using torrent i know a lot of people are using this website for bad reason not for educational …but i am a student and i wan to be a self artist i will use courses for educational purposes only…i will be thankful to you for this act of kindness

    1. Same Here(student here) , i’ll even donate here what ever I can , I need also to be in torrent for making it easy for me, and to add I really want to support this site

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