DAZ3D – Daz Studio Content Creation with Blender

Interested to use the free modelling software Blender in your DAZ Content Creation workflow?

Join SickleYield for this two part tutorial on taking advantage of Blender, the free open source 3D creation suite.

A first reaction to learning Blender is to to push all the buttons and wait for something to happen, but with that haphazard way of learning, the novelty of that will soon wear off!

There’s no faster way to understand something than to learn from someone who does. SickleYield has had Blender incorporated into her workflow for creating content with DAZ Studio in the very long term. She’s very familiar with everything to watch for when using this toolset.

In this two part course, we’re going to be creating a sword prop and then a loin cloth. These are items providing simplicity, yet allowing for variation where you can follow along and create your own masterpieces!

New to Blender?

We include a bonus Blender shortcuts PDF, which will speed up your operation with Blender.

Part 1

-Base meshing techniques and methods
-Strip modelling
-Box modelling
-Using mirroring and extrusion
-Repeating segments
-Rules for creating clean models
-Mesh a loincloth and a sword
-UV mapping
-Conclusion and Q&A

Part 2

-Basics of Sculpting
-Different strokes
-Different curves
-The sculpting brush options
-Morph Creation
-Normal Map Creation (and HD morphs)
-Vertex Group Assignment
-Material Assignment
-Texture Painting

BONUS video on using sims in Blender!


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Mirror :-

Daz Studio Content Creation with Blender.part1.rar
Daz Studio Content Creation with Blender.part2.rar
Daz Studio Content Creation with Blender.part3.rar








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