Digital Vision Phoenix 2019.2.042 Win x64

Digital Vision Phoenix 2019.2.042

The Phoenix suite of products offers world class restoration tools for the most demanding jobs. Featuring our multiple award winning DVO technology, Phoenix is designed to produce great results fast with less manual intervention. With a familiar timeline based interface, the artist and archivist can easily review and touch things up in context if required. Each product has been designed around a feature set for specific jobs and budgets.

Create multiple output formats for a single project. Easily create multiple deliverable versions in different resolutions.

ACES 1.1 Managed Colour
Import and Conform* – Easy conform using AAF, EDL and XML (Premiere) Support for animated resizes, opacity, dissolves, retimes from AAF and XML. Support for high performance Apple ProRes, Avid DNX, MXF, Camera RAW files.

Work with material in a familiar and flexible way, using multiple video and audio tracks. Easily move and trim shots, lock and solo tracks, track based compositing. Timeline and shot bookmarks allow for better organisation and retrieval of information. Automatic track naming for VFX intensive workflows.

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Digital Vision Phoenix 2019.2.042 Win.part1.rar
Digital Vision Phoenix 2019.2.042 Win.part2.rar
Digital Vision Phoenix 2019.2.042 Win.part3.rar










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