FXPHD – Warren’s Looks and Matching Masterclass with Resolve

This course is a creative class that focuses on the art of color correction and not learning the software. That being said, this course does include a new V16 bonus class and footage to coincide with the new 2019 release.

It’s perfect for people who are already colorists but want to take their grading to the next level. Why do we grade films differently and what are we looking for before we start the session? Creating a cool look is only a benefit if you can match the surrounding clips otherwise it acts as a negative to the viewer as the only notice the mismatch.

Warren always tries to show you why you do something, not just how to do something. You can follow the classes using the same techniques on the same footage Warren uses during the classes. You get the media, the XMLs, the reference movies, and the Powergrade looks.

What level is this course?
This is an Intermediate/Advanced course. You don’t need to be a Resolve master to take this class; it is far more creative than technical. You can follow the classes using the same techniques on the same footage as Warren uses during the classes.

What will I be editing and coloring?
You will be using a variety of different footage, including Arri Alexa, Blackmagic URSA Mini, RED R3D, Sony FS7, and lots more. There are a number of different timelines, including a courtroom drama, a beauty and GMC truck commercials, an action sequence, music video, and pack shots. Looks covered include bleach bypass, orange and teal, the soft look, grungy with grain, beauty skin grading, and cross-process.

Why take this course?
The priority of the class is to balance, create, and then match. The biggest mistake Warren sees from junior colorists is that their sequences do not match. His aim is to give you a very rounded view of how a colorist should approach a session. Warren’s real world experience as a colorist and teaching ICA classroom classes helps the way he transports techniques into online training classes.

Who is this class for?
It dovetails very nicely from the Fundamentals and Advanced classes. Even if you use Resolve on a daily basis you’ll get something from these classes. As a colorist, you have to stay current, learn new techniques, and looks. You never stop learning

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