Massive Black Tutorials Bundle

A Collection of Several Massive Black Tutorials (Digital Concept Art)


-Andrew Jones – thumbnail demo
-Andrew Jones – Monster Boss 1-2
-Andrew Jones – Fine Art Series, Volume 1
-Jason Chan – The Hero
-James Kei – Digital Figure Painting
-Greg Manchess – Above the Timberline
-Brad Rigney – A Hostile Takeover
-Carl Dobsky – 1 and 2 Point Perspective
-Jason Chan – Quisketch
-Jason Chan – Thunderdome Illustration
-Jason Chan – Painter Sketch
-Coro – Cinematic Storyboarding
-Coro – Weapon Design Part 1-2
-Daarken – Female Hunter
-Daarken – Lich Priest
-Dan Dos Santos – Book Cover Illustration
-James Kei- digital figure painting
-Jason Manley_The Principles of Design and Composition
-Marko Djurdjevic – Character Ideation
-Rich Doble – creature design
-Sam Brown – Vehicle Design
-Shawn Barber – Foundation Painting
-Vehicle Concepting With Kemp Remillard
-Whit Brachna – Environment Design, Snow Mountain, Speed Paints
-Zeng Lu – Asian males
-Zhang Lu – Caucasian Females
-Wesley Burt – Livestream drawing & painting #1
-Peter Konig Creature Sculpting
***ThereĀ“s no link for these since they are quite old.



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