Peregrine Labs Yeti 3.6.1 Maya 2018-2020 Win x64

Released: 29/04/20
Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, VRay 4.30, Renderman 23.1, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 3.0.16, Clarisse 4.0 SP5b

implemented new Resampling tool with the option of By Count and By Length as well as a minimum and maximum number of output segments.
deforming instances will no longer crash when multiple instances objects conform to the same input fibre.
resolved issued where feathers drawn in Full would disappear from the viewport at times while using OpenGL.
fixed Alembic import issues which caused imported geometry to be malformed.
fixed Alembic export where larger density would cause crashes on Windows.
groom_group_id attribute will now be exported to Unreal Alembic files if it exists.
the handling of Instances and Transforms from Alembic files has been fixed.
Braids now use a texture reference object to compute static lengths and rest shape.
The Convert node will now use the second input as a reference surface when expanding Braids, the resulting fibres can now be used with downstream nodes (including being converted to Strands to manipulate other fibres) while maintaining a stable shape.
Please note the Convert node is now REQUIRED to produce fibres from Braids, they won’t be automatically expanded.
Generated Braid fibres will inherit texture coordinates from the reference surface if used.
Added new Up Vector attribute for Braids.
ensured the current sample time was included when hashing the graph for evaluation.
removed debug output while reading Alembic files.



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