RedefineFX – Phoenix FD Fire & Smoke FX Course

COURSE CURRICULUM (Equivalent to 40 High-Quality Tutorials)

Look at the sheer AMOUNT of examples and lessons in this course. I have left no stone unturned in the pursuit to make this the only course on this topic you’ll ever need to take. Just a few lessons in, you’ll feel comfortable in setting up a variety of fire effects, and your mind will be full of ideas for cool shots you can now create with these new skills. See you inside the course. – Jesse

By Taking This Course You Will:
Gain complete understanding of every Phoenix FD fire & smoke simulation parameter
Learn from a Phoenix FD Certified Trainer
Master the software used on shows such as Game of Thrones
Understand the difference between temperature-based and fuel-based burning
Emit smoke from your tyFlow Destruction Setups
Control the look, movement, and scale through massive vorticity and other settings
Setup variety of effects from small scale to mid-scale to massive
Use particles to drive smoke and fire emission
Combine liquid and fire simulations together for unique visuals (pouring gasoline on fire)
Create a realistic fire shader using the Volumetric Rendering Settings
Use the Voxel Tuner to only emit smoke based on certain conditions
Use helpers such as Wind, Plain force, Turbulence, Body Force, Vortex force and others to influence the simulation
Use textures for gradual burning effects
Use the Vray Distance Texture to emit smoke based on proximity to other objects
Use Vertex Paint for selective burning effects
Learn through 40 exciting project-based lessons





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