Udemy – Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D

What you’ll learn
Learn essential tools and brushes for hardsurface sculpting
Properly apply and edit materials to match the character’s style
Slice and polish clean looking surface edges
Posing, lighting, and rendering in Zbrush
Photoshop render compositing
Create professional looking hardsurface characters for your portfolio
Intermediate knowledge of Zbrush and Photoshop
Instructor Info

Pierre Rogers is a freelance artist with years of experience in hardsurface character design. When he is not in a 3d program creating unique and amazing hardsurface artwork, he is having fun making money hand painting bag toss boards. As a young child, he wanted to be a chef, but then got into video games and adopted his cousins’ interests in comics and drawing. Most of his 3D/CG work has been featured in courses, lesson articles and reviews he had made for 3D Creative Magazine, 3D Artist Magazine, CGTuts+, Digital Tutors and Pluralsight. The advice he gives artists that are just starting out and want to make it in the 3d industry is to continue to learn and challenge yourself. He believes in hardcore studying of the art fundamentals, but also understands the importance of taking breaks, watching a movie, hanging with friends because he believes that art imitates life and so one must do some ‘living’ between art projects for the sake of one’s art. A very interesting fact about Pierre is he still has his pet turtle from 7th grade so the turtle is over 22 years old now!

Course Info

In this course, we will explore hard surface character creation with Zbrush. The material covered can be used within workflow for 3D print, concept art, as well as map generation for games and animation assets. Throughout the journey, we will sculpt, slice, and polish over 30 million polygons exploring many new and old techniques and features. Some of the topics covered are various brushes and tools essential to hardsurface sculpting, rebuilding dynamesh models into subdivision levels, applying and editing materials, posing, light and rendering, as well as photoshop render compositing. By the end of the course, you should have the skills to create a professional looking hardsurface character to add to your portfolio.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn how to create clean hard surface objects and characters in Zbrush
Anyone who would like to become better at character creation


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Mirror :-

Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part01.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part02.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part03.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part04.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part05.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part06.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part07.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part07.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part08.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part09.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part10.rar
Hard Surface Character Creation in Zbrush by Victory3D.part11.rar










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