Artstation – Rusting Painted Steel – Customizable Material

Contents and Description

A customizable .SBSAR node for creating Rusted Painted Metal variations.
First the paint bubbles, then cracks and splits exposing the metal and rust, as you increase the age slider – See a GIF of the process here: _

Parameters to control:
Amount of rust – rust dots – full rust or parts removed – rust opacity – randomize rust and exposed amount scale – rust drips length, opacity and amount – paint color – paint discoloration opacity – edges jagged or rounded – custom aplha input – custom alpha blending.

You can make lots of variations and styles, play around with the sliders!

For use in Substance Designer, Substance Painter or the free Substance Player – _
(Add a curvature map to the custom alpha input with blend on to get those edges rusty! 🙂 )

Files include:

– Rusting_Painted_Steel_V1 .sbsar

– 6 pre-exported 2k png textures (AO, baseColor, height, metallic, normal, roughness) + 2 png Masks (Rust and rust with drips)





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Mirror :-


Mirror :-

Artstation – Rusting Painted Steel – Customizable Material.rar









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