Greyscalegorilla – Getting to Know ACES

In this training series, learn all about the emerging standard color space for a unified and versatile color workflow – ACES (Academy Color Encoding System).

ACES is a wide-gamut color space that gives you a lot of flexibility in many areas from the design phase all the way through compositing. If you’d like to learn how to implement ACES into your tool-belt, in this training series Chad Ashley gives a solid introduction to the system and the color space.

Learn how to use ACES properly in Arnold, learn how to convert and set it up in Fusion, and learn a workflow using captured live action footage and adding CG elements, all inside of Fusion.





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Mirror :-

Getting to Know ACES.part1.rar
Getting to Know ACES.part2.rar
Getting to Know ACES.part3.rar
Getting to Know ACES.part4.rar
Getting to Know ACES.part5.rar
Getting to Know ACES.part6.rar
Getting to Know ACES.part7.rar










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