Skillshare – Modeling A Burger With Blender 2.8

Hello everybody and welcome to another Blender course. In this course, we are going to create a stylized burger with blender 2.82.

In this course, we are going to learn how we can use a blender and how easy it can be. I will show you how you can model basic burger ingredients(bun, tomato, cheese, and salad) also, show you how you can play with physics to get fine details and also some particles that will help you to create seeds for the bun.

In the end, we will set three-point light and put materials on our model. With some final render settings, we will finish our course and we will have a 3D model of burger that we can show to our friends or use it for a portfolio.
So let’s begin.





Download Links:-






Mirror :-



Mirror :-

Modeling A Burger With Blender.part1.rar
Modeling A Burger With Blender.part2.rar
Modeling A Burger With Blender.part3.rar









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