Udemy – Architectural Visualization – Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR

Real-time Architectural Visualization with Blender 2.8 & Twinmotion – VR – Full project

What you’ll learn
  • Learn the Blender to Twinmotion workflow
  • Learn to quickly iterate in real-time to client requests
  • Create VR and viewable applications of your projects in minutes
  • Learn the tools and library’s to drastically increase your productivity
  • Render Images and Create animation


  • Computer capable of running Blender 2.8 or above
  • Computer capable of running Twinmotion

In this course you will learn the workflow from Blender to Twinmotion with the final result a BIMmotion application for a virtual walk-through or VR experience. The course takes you step by step through the modelling and UV mapping workflow in Blender before we move into the extremely powerful Twinmotion.

Discover the latest in Real-time rendering for Architectural Visualization and be amazed at the power and speed of achieving amazing results. Quickly change the lighting and weather conditions or update your geographic location with the easy to use and intuitive interface of Twinmotion.

Render Photos with ease or create animations that will impress your clients. Easily edit and iterate on this content without compromise. Make changes to your model in Blender and instantly update within Twinmotion with the click of a button

Discover efficiency like never before with the power of Blender & Twinmotion.

Topics included:

FreeCAD introduction where we create 2D layouts

Full 3D Modelling & UV Mapping in Blender

Import the 3D Model into Twinmotion

Adding Material and 3D Models from Twinmotion Library

Adding Foliage & Environment assets

Creating Photo’s of the scene

Creating an Animation & Exporting

Video Editing n Blender’s

Create a BIMmotion application for virtual walk through and VR experience

Who this course is for:
  • Arch Viz artist seeking latest advancements in technology
  • Intermediate students who want clear instruction using Blender 2.8 and Twinmotion
  • Students who want to create Architectural visualization projects with VR
  • Arch Viz artist looking to create VR applications for clients
  • Beginner with some 3D experience looking to develop their skill


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Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part01.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part02.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part03.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part04.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part05.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part06.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part07.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part08.rar
Udemy – Architectural Visualization -Blender 2.8 – Twinmotion – VR.part09.rar










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