Udemy – Webrotate360 publishing 3ds Max & V-Ray (Studio Lights)

3d+3ds max + 3d Rendering + V-Ray+3d Lighting+Shading/Texturing + Photorealistic Interior/Studio + 3dsmax+ Photoshop

What you’ll learn
  • Set up the 3ds max scene
  • Load up the V-Ray rendering engine and set up the scene for draft renders
  • Create and setup a V-Ray Dome Light
  • Add the V-Ray Environment Exposure Control
  • Apply and edit the V-Ray HDRI Light
  • Create and Edit a Camera Animation
  • Create and edit a V-Ray Material
  • Add and Edit HDRI to the Environment
  • Add and edit a 3ds max LUT file in the Frame Buffer
  • Create and Edit a Stainless Steel Material
  • Set up V-Ray for High Resolution Renders
  • Create an Animatic Preview
  • Fixing Gamma Issues
  • Use LUT Explorer script to save the render with the LUT applied
  • Use Garagefarm to Render the frames
  • Create Photoshop actions to automatically apply LUT files and reduce image sizes
  • Upload and launch your files using Webrotate360 and SpotEditor
  • Much more




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Mirror :-

Udemy – Webrotate360 with 3ds Max & V-Ray (Studio Lights).part1.rar
Udemy – Webrotate360 with 3ds Max & V-Ray (Studio Lights).part2.rar
Udemy – Webrotate360 with 3ds Max & V-Ray (Studio Lights).part3.rar
Udemy – Webrotate360 with 3ds Max & V-Ray (Studio Lights).part4.rar










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