Artstation – City Trash and Waste Prop Set – (UE4)

A large collection of trash, waste, and street refuse. This project includes a set of meshes and simple material setup. Each asset was created for the Unreal Engine to realistic AAA quality visuals, style, and budget.


Over 100+ trash and waste meshes (Costing you less that $.40 cents and asset)
Simple material setup for use in any specs, all materials use 1 basic master material
Only 1 material per mesh (Helps keeping draw calls down)
All textures at 2k or higher
Simple channel packed texture that can be exported and used in other engines
Boxes, containers, and cases have separated lids and bases for easy opening and closing animation setup
Multiple smaller assets on single texture pages to reduce the amount of textures used in memory and to allow for easy grouping and combining of assets
All labels, company brandings, and logos have been created and artificially fabricated for free and open use in any project
All assets have tested lightmaps and simple collision
All meshes created with top, sides, and bottom for easy use and rotation -Includes additional support files for use in alternative engines (obj, fbx, maya mb, tga, png)

Technical Details:

Textures in PNG or TGA format
Channel Packed Textures (Red – Roughness, Green – Metalness, Blue – Ambient Occlusion)

Unreal Versions Supported:

4.15 and up
Updates only applied to latest version





Download Links:-





Mirror :-



Mirror :-

City Trash and Waste Set 4.12 – 4.23.part1.rar
City Trash and Waste Set 4.12 – 4.23.part2.rar
City Trash and Waste Set 4.12 – 4.23.part3.rar










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