Gumroad – Trent Kaniuga – Hearthstone Illustration Workshop

Last Updated July 21, 2019

Includes Templates, final dimensions and a sample task just like you’d get if you were given an assignment from a client – Also contains every video I’ve ever made relating to Hearthstone and the art creation process of Hearthstone cards.

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to paint trading cards for Hearthstone, this workshop is designed for you.

I’ve painted over 75 cards for Hearthstone and the Warcraft TCG over the course of 15 years, and now I’m going to teach you everything that I have learned about how to capture the unique art style of Hearthstone and Blizzards Warcraft art style.

These videos go through the entire process that I go through when I get a task. I will provide templates for you, and a card description for you to create your own hearthstone card art, guiding you through the process of several of the cards that I’ve done, and how I took the pieces from start to finish.

I never spend more than 8 hours on a Hearthstone painting, and I expose all of the techniques that I use to work quickly and efficiently without wasting time rendering on things that don’t make the cut.

Whether you’ve got no experience at all, or you’d just like to understand more about the unique art style, I’ve designed this collection of videos for you.

You’ll learn:

-Thumbnailing tips and secrets.

-How to create depth using values

-How to choose a good angle to draw a character at

-How to break down shapes of underlying structures/anatomy into simple geometry

-Choosing and implementing correct reference material

-How to set present thumbnails and color roughs (includes templates).

-How to compose your sketches (and general composition tips)

-How to create color roughs that get approved.

-How to paint out your lines

-How to accurately portray light and color in that classic style.

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