Redshift v3.0.16 Win x64

Redshift v3.0.16 Win x64 | Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer, built to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production rendering. Tailored to support creative individuals and studios of every size, Redshift offers a suite of powerful features and integrates with industry standard CG applications.

Autodesk MAYA 2014-2020
Autodesk 3DS MAX 2014-2021
SideFX HOUDINI 16.5-18.0
KATANA 2.6-3.5



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44 thoughts on “Redshift v3.0.16 Win x64

  1. Work perfectly. For people with problem with error license -22 on maya, restart the redshift renderview and spam render IPR or render normal, and it’s working 🙂

  2. please!! I have same problem “Error communicating with license server (-17)” in 3dsmax 2020
    Redshift-core.lic must be edited ?
    Or add specifique exclusion for firewall?

  3. Is not working. I have same License error -17 Even with just installing it without the patch. So the problem is in the Patch

  4. Just thinking out loud, haven’t tried it yet: maybe port is issue? Arnold RLM uses port 5053, maybe it’s conflict with Arnlod. Can anyone check that?

  5. ok guys I have found the PROBLEM. when you put the patch, redshift create an second “” called “”. You have just to delete the second

  6. Does anyone have OctaneRender for C4D? Thanks!

    For anyone that has the error “Error communicating with license server (-17)”, you need to give your software (C4D, 3dsMax,…) access to the network. If the main software has network access then redshift works fine. If not it will give the -17 error.

  7. Guys Can anybody tell me is this working on cinema4d r20 or not i already have working redshift 2.6.41 i dont want to mess that without any confirmation.

  8. its not working for any of the softwares including C4D and Houdini. I tried both. I think they forgot to add the license patch or forgot to tell us what to add to the file they gave us. So for now, no luck till it gets updated. I got really excited to see this cuz Mantra takes 2 min a frame for a pyro sim. Looking forward to redshift speed.

  9. I’ve tested it with Maya 2019, C4D R19, C4D R21 and they give all the same error: License error -17. I’ve tried one or two days ago with C4D R19 and it worked, so i think that they’ve blocked the account in the .lic file

  10. It only worked for few hours, since they blocked the username and password very soon.

    But the setup is a full retail floating license mode setup which is nice and can be used by crackers for cracking.

  11. why would they even let Redshift contact the licence server if they cracked it? if a single user requests are from multiple IPs the server would automatically block the licence and notify the user about that!

  12. I have “License error: Error communicating with license server (-17)” with Cinema 4D r21 & r22

  13. …Unfortunately, I have the same problem “License error: Error communicating with license server (-17)” but with Maya 2018

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