Skillshare – Blender for Beginners: Liquid Simulations

The intention of this class is to get you comfortable with the layout, navigation and basic tools of Blender through two fun projects. You will create 2 Liquid Simulations using Blender 2.83.

This class has been broken into 3 Parts.

Part 1 will focus on learning the following:

Create a new file.
Save it correctly
Move objects
Resize and Scale Objects
Rotate Objects
Navigating the 3D workspace
Part 2:

New Object
Apply Quick Liquid in Quick Effects
Assigning Cache Folder
Applying Mesh to a Simulation
Baking Data
Switching Between views in the Viewport
Adjust World colour
How to render
Sequence images
Part 3:

Creating a Liquid simulation from scratch using Mantaflow
Assigning correct properties to each object
Create Spray, Bubbles and Foam particles
Assign a mesh to each particle
Assign new materials to each particle
Using the shader editor to change materials and make it look realistic
Render and Sequence Images





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Mirror :-

Skillshare – Blender for Beginners Liquid Simulations by Dean Van Niekerk.part1.rar
Skillshare – Blender for Beginners Liquid Simulations by Dean Van Niekerk.part2.rar










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