Victory 3D – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation

Model, Retopo, Unwrap, & Texture a Game Character using
Zbrush, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop & Marmoset

In this course, you will be taken from start to finish on how to create a female character for video games in a stylized format. We will start by looking at reference photos, were we will plan our whole project. We will analyze the photos, determine our color choices, style and silhouette and the path we will take to create the concept that we want at the end. We will move on to sculpting our high poly and this process will be done using ZBrush. You will learn tips and techniques on building a female character and mistakes that you might run across and how to correct them. After sculpting, we will take our high poly mesh into 3ds Max to retopologize our character. You will learn how to create a low poly version of the character so it can work inside a game engine. Then we will proceed to unwrap our low poly mesh from the full body of the character to each and every armor and prop the character is sporting. After unwrapping, we will go through the method of texturing in a stylized way to achieve the cartoon look that you see in video games such as Overwatch and Sunset Overdrive. To finalize the course, we will go inside Marmoset Toolbag to prepare a nice looking render of our work for our portfolio.





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Mirror :-

Victory3d – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation.part1.rar
Victory3d – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation.part2.rar
Victory3d – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation.part3.rar
Victory3d – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation.part4.rar
Victory3d – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation.part5.rar
Victory3d – Stylized Female Samurai Character Creation.part6.rar










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