Watts Atelier – Landscape Drawing In Charcoal Ben Young


This class will focus on drawing the landscape on archival papers using a variety of charcoal materials, with the ultimate goal to complete a finished portfolio or gallery piece. Topics covered include learning to pick quality photo reference that will make for a good drawing. Value control and organization. Edge manipulation as it relates to form and composition. And of course composition.


Paper options

Strathmore Drawing paper 400 series 18 x24 pad (recommended)

Strathmore 400 series Cold press Bristol smooth, large individual sheets or pad (optional)


Generals charcoal pencils hb, 2b,4b,6b

various other charcoal pencils (optional)

Vine or willow charcoal hard, medium and soft

Generals compressed charcoal stick

Charcoal powder and ΒΌ bristle brush

Rubber Tip Brush (Optional)

small sketchbook (Optional)

Other supplies

charcoal sock (instructions how to make in 1st class)

Kneaded eraser

Blending stumps

Eraser sticks small or med thickness

Hard graphite pencil h or f (optional)

low tack painters tape (optional)


Download Links:-






Mirror :-




Mirror :-

Landscape Drawing In Charcoal Ben Young.part1.rar
Landscape Drawing In Charcoal Ben Young.part2.rar
Landscape Drawing In Charcoal Ben Young.part3.rar










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