Skillshare – Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop

I have been working in retouching industry for over 5 years and have experience working for top brands and magazines such as Vogue, Numero, L’officiel and many others. My mission is to teach you imagery post production in the way that is useful. What I mean by that is the fact that I not only teach you photoshop editing, but I teach you quality post production with the standard of high end work. Learning from me provides you with knowledge that can bring you profits in photography industry.

In this course I will teach you everything that you need to be successful in post production.

We start with the raw conversion. You will learn how to adjust lights, shadows, exposure and how to polish colours of your images to prepare for work in photoshop. I am not only showing you how to do raw conversion in adobe camera raw, but I will show you the same process in Lightroom as well. Just in case you prefer to use Lightroom over camera raw.

Next we will move to photoshop, I will show you how to retouch skin in non-destructive way and after that explain to you all of the adjustment layers that you will use for photo editing so photoshop will not be confusing ever again. I will make you understand channels and teach you how to work with luminosity masks to get the perfect results.

On few different examples we will do full color grading work and adjust the contracts so you will have real work experience.

At the very end I will show you how I personally like to do my final adjustments and how I export the images before sending them to my customers.

Wether photography and post production is your hobby or work. This course will show you how to make your images look professional. If you want to learn how to edit image beautifully, this is the course for you.

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Mirror :-,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part01.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part02.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part03.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part04.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part05.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part06.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part07.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part08.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part09.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part10.rar,_Lights_and_Contrasts_in_Photoshop.part11.rar



Mirror :-

Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part01.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part02.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part03.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part04.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part05.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part06.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part07.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part08.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part09.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part10.rar
Color, Lights and Contrasts in Photoshop.part11.rar










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