Turbosquid – Nico Rosberg 2016 style Racing helmet


High-poly, ultra-realistic racing helmet model in Nico Rosberg 2016 style. The 3D model and texture is based on the helmet that he used during the Australian Grand Prix in 2016.

If you open the native *.max file -, versions with lower/higher polycount can be generated easily with increasing/decreasing subdivision level. NURMS subdivision Level 1 or 2 (based on the size and the original polycount of the object) is applied by default for the *.3ds, *.obj, and *.fxb versions. The scene conatains 42 objects.

Mesh Totals (without NURMS subdivision):
Polys: 11 128
Verts: 9 928

Every object of the helmet is mapped and textured. There are two high-resoltion textures: the first one is 4096×4096, the second one 2048×2048, so it’s perfect for extreme closeups. The textures are in TGA 24bit format. The textures contain additional branding and logos for a more realistic look.

With the help of the included layered PSD template you can alter the default texture or make custom livery for the helmet.

The rendering scene and settings I used are NOT included, the 3D objects come with standard 3DSMax materials attached to them. However the *.obj file is Keyshot-ready so you can make realistic renders quickly.



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