Artstation – Human Zbuilder v3 Win x64

Supported versions:
ZBrush 2020-2021 64bit

Tool for making detailed high polygon human models in Zbrush

Human ZBuilder is a plugin for Zbrush. With this plugin you can make any types of human bodies and custom body types as a creatures or humanoids.


1. Copy all the files in “Zbuilder.3_for_Zbrush_Win_OSX” (copy the files inside the folder, not the folder) to the following location:
Win: “C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush\ZStartup\ZPlugs64”
Mac: “/Applications/ZBrushOSX/ZStratup/ZPlugs64”

2. Copy and replace the “binary.zvr” and “ZBuilder3-plugin.zsc” files in the “License” folder to the same location.

3. Open ZBrush and go to “Zplugin > LAUNCH ZBUILDER 3” on the top menu.

NOTE* If you get license error look at the included images





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9 thoughts on “Artstation – Human Zbuilder v3 Win x64

    1. Hi J0hnC0nn0r
      It works perfectly for me, you must have missed a step, don’t forget to read the “Installation.txt” file. I have the version of Zbrush v2021.1.2
      good luck 🙂

  1. No MutaBorg-osaurus-REX-o-Tron you gotta be Trolling, the setup is so easy a toddler could figure it out. I downloaded Human Zbuilder v2 and it works fine. I tried reinstalling v3 which consists of copying the files over and then copying the license over, even an idiot couldn’t screw that up even if they tried. I open up Zbrush 2021 which is the same version as you and I get the a notification telling me that the license is expired.

  2. Please fix this, or if you find a fix for it post it please. This is the only release of Zbuilder v3 I have been able to find on the internet.

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