Skillshare – Create a Pixelated Glitch Effect using Adobe After Effects

In this class, I will show you how to create a pixelated glitch effect by using an Adobe After Effects technique called the effects sandwich. Basically, it just means stacking lots of effects onto one layer to create a single effect such as a glitch.

I will show you how to set up your After Effects document ready for animation. I will then explain what a displacement map is, and we will use software to generate one using JavaScript and HTML. Don’t worry; you don’t need to know any code.

We will then set our type up in a non-destructive way so you can change it later or replace it with a PNG containing an alpha layer. We will create a pixelated look and also a realistic glow.

Then I will show you the optimum settings to export your file ready to upload to social media.

This course is aimed at beginners, so don’t stress if you don’t understand Adobe After Effects.

Make sure to check the projects tab to access all the working files and my completed files in case you get stuck.





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