Skillshare – Let’s create a 3D Power Puff girls

Hello everybody and welcome to another Blender course. My name is Dino and in this course, we are going to create a famous 3D Power Puff girls. This course is for beginners who want to create their first projects and if you are an advanced user you can find a lot of useful tips through this course.

First, we will start by importing reference images that you can get from Second, we will start by modeling the body and arms and legs and we will use the same base model for all girls because they have the same body and body parts but different hairstyle and colors. Later we will start adding materials and we will add texture to create the face. Also, we will do texture painting for the shoes. In the end, we will model hair for each girl and we will prepare it for the final render by importing hdri for the lightning up the scene.

So are we waiting let’s start learning and creating and I will see you in the first video?

Download Links:-





Mirror :-’s_create_a_3D_Power_Puff_girls.part1.rar’s_create_a_3D_Power_Puff_girls.part2.rar’s_create_a_3D_Power_Puff_girls.part3.rar








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