BlenderMarket – Auto-Rig Pro 3.56.20 and Auto-Rig Pro: Quick Rig

Auto-Rig Pro 3.56.20


Rig: Now supports multiple spine bones up to 32.
Remap: New button to select in the bones list the bone that is selected in the viewport
Remap: New “Location” option to remap location data in local/relative space, useful for facial bones
Remap: Improved automatic bone names mapping
Remap: Now automatically switch IK-FK properties of Auto-Rig Pro armatures when using IK or FK bones
Remap: Interactive Tweaks are now stored in the bones data, they are applied back when retargetting
Remap: Interactive Tweaks are now stored in the preset file
Export: Removed “Export Humanoid Actions Only” since it should be always enabled by default.
Export: Removed “mp_” and “h_” actions prefix for clarity from Fbx animation names. Added a backward compatibility option in the Legacy menu.


Smart: Fingers detection could lead to poor results or fail with recent Blender versions
Smart: Fingers detection error values were not reset
Rig: Disabling arm or leg limbs could leave orphan controller bones when set in Twist mode
Rig: Error with bot bones alignment
Remap: import export presets fix with tweaks values
Remap: Location multiplier was broken
Export: When exporting, the action linked to the rig could be replaced by another one, forcing the user to link back the original action manually. It’s now fixed.
Export: Support for modifiers when using Units x100: Mirror and Solidify
Export: Error when objects were in blend file data but not in view layer
Export: Error with custom bone parented to spine bones
Export: Support for random character collection name when exporting proxy rig
Export: Shape keys with non-topology changing modifiers were not exported

Auto-Rig Pro: Quick Rig

What is Quick Rig?
IMPORTANT: Quick Rig is an extension for the Auto-Rig Pro addon, it means Auto-Rig Pro is required to be installed first. The latest version must be installed for compatibility purposes.

Don’t waste your time re-rigging already rigged characters anymore!

Quick Rig turns rapidly any skeleton + mesh into a full Auto-Rig Pro armature with controllers ready for animation, including weights preservation, IK-FK generation…

Built to support the vast majority of character skeletons, even non-standard bones axes.





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