FluidRay Win x64

Import scenes, objects and materials directly from your 3D modeling software. Supported formats include: SketchUp (.skp), Rhino OpenNurbs (.3dm), FBX (.fbx), Alias Wavefront (.obj), Collada (.dae), 3DS (.3ds, .ase), DirectX (.X), Stanford PLY (.ply), STereoLithography (.stl).
Real-Time editing of materials, lights and rendering parameters is done in an super easy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface
Extensive library of materials, models and lights supporting Drag&Drop

Real-Time Rendering
All the tweaking of materials, lights or any other scene properties are immediately visible as real-time feedback in the viewport, making your workflow faster and much more pleasurable.

No GPU Limitations
FluidRay is the only real-time renderer that doesn’t suffer from GPU limitations. GPU based renderers work well only on specific tasks while FluidRay does it all easily and quickly.

User Friendly Interface
Working with FluidRay is effortless. The real-time workflow is extremely intuitive and anyone can get up to speed in just a few minutes.

Real-time physically accurate Global Illumination
Super-fast performance thanks the latest AI and Machine Learning technology
Always achieves the best quality, no need to tweak esoteric rendering parameters
Unbiased real-time algorithms to handle all possible lighting configurations: Bidirectional Path Tracing, Direct Lighting, Path Tracing
Metropolis Sampling
Real-time Ambient Occlusion
Uses the system’s RAM – no GPU memory limitation – Can render scenes with hundreds of million of triangles and multiple GB of textures



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