Lands Design 5.3 Win x64 for Rhino 7

Landscape design projects in different scales and sectors can be easily provided by Lands Design. It’s your powerful tool in the design process for generating 2D layouts, 3D models and realistic images and videos.

Green Infrastructure
Natural areas can act as an infrastructure, protecting the built environment from pollutions, water flooding or excessive heat. Lands Design gives you the power to add vertical gardens, green roofs and green areas to your architectural and civil engineering projects.

The powerful terrain, forest and irrigation tools accompanied with hardscape tools, can be used in design process and modeling of forests in silviculture sector. BIM technology visualizes seasonal change and annual growth of plants.

Urban Planning
Urban vegetation plays a key role in improving the quality of the built environment. In introducing plants as essential natural elements in urban planning projects, Lands Design helps you to design public spaces, joint with green areas, lets you choose the adequate plant selection and visualize the urban area in different seasons.

CG Artists
Lands Design can be applied for generating an environment for computer graphics (CG) artists. You can create 2D and 3D game assets to be used in developing video games, 3D visualization, and digitally animated films.

Whats New:
Rhino 7/Inside support (version 7.0.20295.18003 (21/10/2020) or newer required)





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