Skillshare – Blender: Particle system masterclass

In this class, you will learn how to use the particle system in blender.

This class has an introduction where you will understand the settings in the particle system. After you know the basics it is time for some fun exercises.


Morphing DNA
In this exercise, you are going to create an animation where flying bubbles will morph into a DNA strand.

Hexagonal looping animation
In this exercise, I want to show you that particles don’t have to look like spheres you can import any object and we can even make an awesome looping animation.

Keyboard animation
After the more simple forms in part 4, we are going more into depth into looping animations

Soda can
Particles give realism to our scenes. coca-cola and bud light have been using these techniques for years and now you can do it yourself.

Umbrella in the rain
The particle system combined with dynamic paint is powerful.
This is why you will learn how dynamic paint works, in combination with our particles.
You will learn how to make an image sequence with wet maps,

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