Skillshare – Make A Loop Animation With A 3D Icons Using Blender

Hello everybody and welcome to another blender course. My name is Dino and in this course, we are going to create a loop animation of 3D icons of Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

In this course, we will cover several topics. First, we will start by importing reference images that you can get from _ Next will start modeling icons and adding text. Later on, we will continue with learning how to use SVG files and how to import them into blender from adobe illustrator. You will be able to see how SVG files can be useful. After that, we will continue by animating the whole scene and we will finish the course by adding hdri for lightning up the scene, adding materials, compositing background, and final render settings.

This course is beginner-friendly although you will need to know how to navigate and basic shortcuts.

So let’s begin and see I will see you in the first video.





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