ArtStation – CGTF #3: Basics of Digital Painting (Brushes)

Art tutorials for the price of a cup of coffee!

This is Coffee Grind Tutorials’ third release into the art fundamental series (CGTF). Unlike the CGT series, the CGTF series focuses on a key art fundamental, with a demonstration on how to utilize it.

This is Basics of Digital Painting Brushes where I will be discussing some prominent options available to you in Adobe Photoshop (which can also be replicated in other programs). I will begin with a lecture, spanning around 30 minutes, to explain my criteria for good brushes. Soon after, there will be a process video, highlighting certain areas where I apply the brush options from my lecture, with a full breakdown of my decision-making.. To finish it off, there will be a drawing exercise that you can do to understand the power of brushes.

Full features:

-~30 minute lecture explaining a key art fundamental

-A process video spanning ~42 minutes with full commentary, applying ideas to the painting!

-Raw video of the painting process!

-Written summary for easy reviewing purposes!

-Photoshop file of the artwork used!

-Drawing Exercise for you to try out!

-Low resolution versions available for those with bandwidth concerns!




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