Blender Market – Auto-Rig Pro v3.58.24 Win x64



Rig: New operators to import and export custom shapes
Rig: Custom names for Spline IK and Bendy-bones chains are now allowed (Limb Options)
Rig: Buttons to quickly toggle visibility of layers of controllers (expandable) in the Rig Main Properties tab
Rig: Deleting the rig data with the X button now ensures the whole rig hierarchy is deleted even if the rig is not selected
Export: Support for custom Spline IK names
Export: Support overridden armatures
Remap: Improved remapping technic for the root bone and IK bones, replaced with a new “relative” mode. This leads to better results when remapping to different skeleton proportions.
Remap: The Freeze Armature operator is now applied automatically when retargetting
Remap: “Redefine Rest Pose” now also applies on base meshes if any
Remap: Support overridden armatures
Remap: Print baking progress status (% percentage) in the console when retargetting


Rig: Duplicating a bendy-bone chain limb was broken
Rig: Import custom shape error when the bone is missing
Smart: The right eyeball postion was incorrect when Mirror was disabled
Smart: 2 fingers detection could lead to an error
Export: Support for new splines IK advanced options
Export: Breast bones were missing animation
Export: Compatibility error with Blender 2.90 materials
Export: Breast parent lost
Export: Twist bone transform bug when enabling UE mannequin options
Export: Shape keys animation errors due to update issues with proxy armatures


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