CGCircuit – Applied Houdini VOLUMES IV – INTERACTION

We’ll begin by creating a sophisticated particle sim that is sourced from and interacts with a destruction cache. From these particles, we’ll dynamically generate volumes and make changes to the standard Pyro collision and solver workflow in order to push our smoke simulation further than what we’d normally be able to do otherwise. As we iterate over our particle and smoke sims, we’ll always be focusing on art direction as well as various technical strategies – including how to massively compress the caches we’re writing to disk. And as usual, we’ll even finish up by lighting, shading and rendering our work too. Though this lesson already comes with all the rigid body cache files you’ll need, it also works great as a continuation of the Applied Houdini Rigids II – Structure Destruction lesson! So, improve your old work or learn something new with Applied Houdini today!—volumes-iv




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