Gumroad – Squirtle Modelling & Texturing Series by Michael Wilde

In this series I go through the process of texturing and modeling this lovely turtle from start to finish. I will go through my methodology and workflows with step by step narration. Along the way I’m going to talk about it all: Design, UVs, modelling, sculpting, Texturing, topology and even a few failures.

I use Zbrush, Maya and Mari with a small section using Substance Designer. I will not be teaching the very basics of the software but do have 11 mini lessons throughout to teach techniques I use throughout

Files Included:

21 x Narrated Videos (Just under 7 hours of footage if I’ve done the maths right)
11 x Mini Lessons
Zbrush File and Low Poly OBJ
Final Exported Textures
& More

Video Chapters:

00 – Intro / VFX Asset Pipeline
01 – Ref is King
02 – Zbrush Blockout
03 – Retopo & UVing
03b – Retopoing Cont. Shell & Tail
04 – UV and UDIM Workflow
05 – Zbrush Hand Sculpted Details
06 – Painting Displacement in Mari
06b – Shell Problem Solving
07 – Analysing a First Pass Render
08 – Zbrush Second Pass
09 – Mari and Zbrush Balancing
10 – Colour Block In and Mari Setup
11 – Adding More Colour Details in Mari
12 – Shell Hand Painting in Mari
13 – Checking Renders and Making Edits
13b – Final Mari Colour Textures
14 – Making Secondary Maps
15 – Glasses, Nails and Eyes
16 – Arnold Render Scene Overview
17 – Post Mortem

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