Lindsay Adler Photography – Fine Art Nude video series

When it comes to photographing nudes, you must learn to master your tools and techniques as a photographer. Posing and lighting become paramount to your creative expression in order to flatter the nude form.

In this 3+ hour tutorial Lindsay Adler walks you through the fundamentals of the core tools available to a fine art nude photographer. After a thorough exploration of these elements, Lindsay demonstrates how nudes become fine art nudes through a variety of creative techniques that you too can master!


Learn how your camera sees and emphasize certain areas of the body while drawing attention away from others in order to flatter your subject— all with posing.
What common posing mistakes can ruin a pose and why? You will learn common mistakes and how to watch for these in your subject and while directing a pose.
Learn 5 go-to poses that are a great starting pose for any session. Master these poses and then build and refine to create something unique!


Don’t just learn to mimic lighting setups… instead learn how light effects the subject’s body and how to use this to your advantage. Lindsay will show you how different modifiers and angles of light change the appear of the nude human form.
Lindsay will cover 10 go-to fine art nude lighting setups and explain her modifier choices and position of the light as well as how lighting, posing, modifier angle, and more work together for a successful image.
Learn lighting with one, two and three lights to fit any budget!


Lighting and posing are the foundations of your creative tool kit, now it’s time to create! Join Lindsay as she explores the human form and turns nudes into fine art nudes! Watch as she photographs dance, paint with light, body paint, silhouettes and more. During each shoot Lindsay explains her thought process behind lens choice, lighting, posing, camera angle and more.

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