Udemy – Adobe After Effects CC For Beginners: Learn After Effects CC

What you’ll learn
Understand Adobe After Effects windows and controls
Create lower third titles
Create motion graphic titles
Create and save composition and export presets
Work with HD 1080p and 4K compositions
Export video projects in High Definition
Export animations and titles with transparent background to use with other videos
Animate text and graphics

Welcome to our Adobe After Effects CC For Beginners course!

This course is an introduction to Adobe After Effects CC. It will get you started with opening the application for the first time, setting up the panel windows, creating your first project to teaching you all of the main features of After Effects and more!

In this course you will learn how to:

Start new projects in After Effects

Navigate through the various panel windows

Optimize After Effects for your specific computer

Creating custom compositions

Create and work with text files

The basics to keyframe animating

Understand motion graphics basics

Apply effects

Work with shapes

Work with layers in the composition

Create and use 3d layers and cameras

Export 1080 and 4k video

Create custom export presets

and much more!


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