Udemy – World Generation with Blender

Learn the building blocks of creating the natural world with Blender 2.8x. Mountains, Water, Grass, and Clouds oh My!

What you’ll learn

Learn the basics of 3D modeling
Learn the basics of procedural modeling (mountains)
Learn some water simulation (rivers, lakes, etc.)
Learn particle generation and animation (grass)
Learn the basics of material shading (clouds)


You must have access to a computer that can run Blender 2.8X or higher
A 3 Buttoned scroll wheel mouse is highly recommended.


In this class, you’re going to learn the basics of creating some natural parts of worlds. It’s not everything you need to create a world, that would be way too long but it’s a great start. You’ll be using Blender, the completely free and open-source program. I know World Generation sounds intimidating but I promise you this class starts from the beginning if your just getting started. If you’re not, just skip the interface lesson and jump straight to the good stuff.

What’s even more amazing is that this class will require almost no slow modeling. That’s what I call it when you manually move vertices around. You’ll be using Blender’s built-in capabilities to generate unique models, scenes, and animations.

You’re going to first learn how to create rocky terrain by learning how to create a snowy mountain range.

The second thing you’re going to learn is how to create a cloud backdrop from scratch. You’ll never have to download a background if you don’t want to with this technique. You’ll be able to light your scenes and create realistic surroundings with this skill. It’s perfect if you’ve just learned how to create something like a mountain range, hint hint.

Mountains and clouds aren’t the only things in worlds though, next you’ll learn how to create grass, and this time you’ll also learn how to animate it by making it blow in the wind.

Who this course is for:

Graphic Designers
Game developers






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