Domestika – Advanced Animation for Typographic Compositions A course by Holke 79

Learn professional techniques to animate your creations with After Effects and Cinema 4D

Do you want to achieve spectacular results with your typographic animations? In this course, you’ll learn the key aspects to give expressive strength to your letters like you’ve never seen them before. Holke79, motion designer with over ten years of experience and clients like La Sexta, El Deseo, Movistar+, or Saffron, guides you through his expert technique.

Learn the technical and theoretical methods to push your kinetic typography skills to the next level, with Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, creating an animated poster as a tribute to your favorite band, festival, or genre.

This is Holke79’s third course—and his most advanced—on Domestika. If you have no previous experience working with the software or type of project, we recommend taking his previous courses first:
Introduction to Motion Design and Animation Curves in After Effects and Animation for Typographic Compositions .

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