Domestika – Animation Techniques with 3D Effects in After Effects

Audio: Spanish
Sub: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German

Animation Techniques with 3D Effects in After Effects
A course by Moncho Massé , Illustrator and animator

Add depth to your animations step-by-step without using 3D software

3D animation is usually linked to 3D animation programs such as Maya or Cinema 4D, although this depth effect can be created with other softwares. The illustrator and animator Moncho Massé uses Adobe After Effects to create his funny animations to which he often adds a three-dimensional effect.

Yes in the course Animation and design of characters in After Effects Moncho taught you to tell stories through small animations, this will teach you to give depth to your animations through the so-called ‘false 3D’, a series of techniques in Adobe After Effects that will serve to create three-dimensional pieces with a focus different. You will learn all your process to rotate objects or icons to create your own character, which you will export in a format ready to share with the world.





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