Domestika – Pictorial Portraits Using Digital Techniques A course by Alex de Marcos García

Learn how to use Photoshop to create illustrations using pixels as brushstrokes

Making portraits with striking colors, settings, and finishes, combining painting and digital techniques is one of the specialties of Alex de Marcos, an illustrator from Madrid who has been making his way onto the Spanish art scene. His works can be found in all areas of illustration, from children’s books, through the biography of Kurt Cobain and stickers for Instagram, to advertising for Coca-Cola, Nike, and Bombay, among other renowned brands.

In this course, Alex teaches you step by step how to make a digital illustration in Adobe Photoshop achieving a pictorial and organic finish. Learn how to use color, create amazing environments, and give texture to your composition, making the technique your personal brand. Alex will also provide a number of digital resources and give valuable tips on how to succeed on Instagram

Audio: Spanish
Sub:- Spanish, English, Portuguese, German





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