MAX RIVE Photography – Digital Scouting with Google Earth

During my ”DIgital Scouting with Google Earth” video I will reveal my secret how I find my award winning locations with Google Earth. Don’t waste time by exploring areas in the field while getting back with often average results. This is normal because it is impossible to find a great viewpoint when standing below in a valley. Instead, use my 5 elements to recognize locations from the highest level with Google Earth. These elements are ”leading lines” (for balance, and direction of the composition) + ”layers” + ”space” (for entry and exit point of the eye) + ”elevation” (mountain contours and river distance) + ”position of the light source”. Not only will I explain and demonstrate my scouting work flow in depth – it will also reveal all my secret locations in South Greenland. These include locations I’ve already shot but also locations I still have to visit – all from the highest level!
A brand new from Start to Finish from the high mountains of the Andes in Peru. Learn now how to do focus stacking from shots which have been shot without tripod. Not only will I show my latest technique regarding this – I will also demonstrate my latest color perfections techniques – haze and light techniques and the unique contrast control technique. Put your processing to the highest level thanks to this in depth demonstration of unique techniques.


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