RappaTools v3.55 3ds Max Advanced ToolBox MaxScript

RappaTools3 is an advanced toolbox that comes with a great variety of tools for the artist working in 3ds Max.

Changelog RappaTools v3.55 (1665):

– Updated the hotbox, with extra functions, settings and tooltips to the buttons. e.g. open on last button…
– Added to quick primitive create on selection if something is selected (works with sub objects elements).
– Added support to planar x/y/z for objects so you can quickly align them based on the pivot or the bounding box.
– Added Align Helper, store the position of objects in relation to a reference object in order to replicate the setup on other objects.
– Added generate multimat from faces material ids.
– Added explode by material or material id.
– Added merge by material or material id and multimaterial collapse.
– Added remove missing textures from materials.
– Added show mouse count option to Viewport Stats (show SubObj count next to the mouse, id if only one sub element selected).
– Loop/Ring won’t loop/ring previous partial loops/rings if new one is selected.
– Added support for Slice Plane to Move2Point (when SlicePlane mode is active it will position the plane).
– Rewrote Dissolve, ArcEdge, RingConnect edge mode so it deosn’t create a romb at intersections.
– Added to Union/Subtract the ability to keep the modifiers and also disable modifiers before boolean.
– Added 3 points alignment to activeGrid.
– Added to view blueprint and view image support for clipboard image.
– Added select objects with the current modifier or instances to Similar.
– Added view selection textures, open all the textures assigned to selection.
– Added support to Unwrap UVW modifier to smart toggles (move, rotate, scale) also added activeGrid if activated.
– Added support for Skin to Loop, Ring, Grow and Shrink.
– Added support for Edit_Normals to sub Objects toggles.
– Added support for EditPoly modifier to Push / Slide.
– Added SmartViewport toggle, double tap to snap view to the closest orthographic-ish view.
– Added ctrl to Working Pivot to enable previous position.
– Added new macroscripts including ‘open last menu’, display toggles…
– MultiHide is now ‘Sub Obj Iso’ hides unselected (can be changed in Settings to hide selected SubObj).
– The usual improvements and bug fixing.

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