Skillshare – 3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop

Hi and welcome to my newest Blender 2.9 fantasy genre 3D art course. ‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop’ a complete guide into creating a 3D fantasy scene with the backdrop of a remotely towering mountain.

‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop is one of the few 3D modelling courses that will show you how to create grass foliage. It will also be one of the first fantasy genre courses for aspiring 3D modellers. As another first, this course will include a full introduction into basic Adobe Photoshop features.

One of the most sought-after learning experiences of this course is learning how to create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) from scratch. Other exciting course content includes 3D modelling a round door, making procedural materials, learning how to use HDRIs as backgrounds to feature your 3D models in, and learning how to blend a render into a real-world environment using various Adobe Photoshop techniques.

‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop’teaches you the very basics of both Blender 2.9 and Abobe Photoshop, moving on to professional techniques in a short time of accelerated learning.

Best of all, anyone can follow along even if you do not have to have Adobe Photoshop. This is because course resources include ready-to-use hinges and stained glass which can be imported into Blender 2.9 straight away. As such, this provides you with a course shortcut that you can take if you so choose.

Taking all the great tools and screen tooltips from past courses, ‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop’ will give you the most comprehensive learning process out there.

You will have access to a full course handbook as part of this course, allowing you to identify which parts of the course you would like to jump ahead to if you are a non-linear 3D modeller. The ‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop’ course handbook features 8 sections, each focusing on an asset or set of assets. The handbook will transform the learning experience for 3D modelers who love to organise their learning process and take the steering wheel into their own hands.

Following the success of my latest course, we will be modelling, texturing, and finalising every individual asset before moving onto the next. Students have said that this has helped them in staying excited throughout the creation process, being able to see how their scene comes closer to the course preview step-by-step.

Whether you are a beginner 3D modeller eager to learn how to build a 3D Hobbit Door scene and an enthusiast of Blender who wants to fast-track their understanding of its new and exciting changes, this course has something in the bag for you.‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop’s also ideal for beginner Adobe Photoshop users who are eager to learn how to use this software for 3D modelling or mid-level 3D modellers who want to take their modelling to a new level and improve their workflow with tips and tricks.

In addition to learning a super-fast industry-standard workflow, you will learn how to continuously assess the quality of your scene, and how to tweak smaller sub-components you want to make better through render reviews.

‘3D Modelling a Hobbit Door Scene in Blender 2.9 & Adobe Photoshop’ freebies include a course handbook, 6 references, an option of backgrounds, two types of metal materials, a glass overlay for Adobe Photoshop, a grass texture, an HDRI map, a rock and a weathered texture (including roughness, normal, metallic, displacement, and color maps), a stained glass SVG and a metal hinge SVG.

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