Blender Market – Dynamic Physics Painter v3.1

MassFx was developed to very quickly populate your scene in a very natural way. Generate clusters of objects assigned to a collection & drop them on any surface. Simply click, drag, release & watch your objects pile up!

Whether you work in game cinematics, commercials…etc. You need to add details to your scenes with some assets and placing them by hand takes time to get a natural look.

What does the add-on do?

Drops/Paints your assets using Blenders rigid body system.
Includes intuitive UI, simple panel for both beginner & professional Blender users


Drop or Paint assets.
Particle based brush.
Simplified, User-friendly UI
Options at hand, both particle & physics settings.

Upcoming Features:

Proxy generation(automatically replace generated objects with high quality version)
Cursor Widget–dynamic-pile-generator


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