Mango-ice.Photography – Olivier Richters portrayed – The Dutch giant

Olivier Richters portrayed – The Dutch giant

There are many legends in the world of bodybuilding, but only one is the biggest. Olivier Richters is his name. In this session, he is the subject to be portrayed by three other masters in photography: Humberto Tan, Adrian Sommeling and Gemmy Woud Binnendijk.

Shooting Olivier Judges
Each of the photographers will work in his or her own way. So three shots will be made. Each one has a unique workflow and works according to a certain methodology. There will be different interpretations of how Olivier will be portrayed.

Humberto Tan
Humberto is a more intuitive photographer. On the spot, it is determined with which lens to shoot and how the composition will be made. Black and white is the color profile that Humberto shoots more often. How these results and how he has worked is shown in this video.

Adrian Sommeling
Adrian is a man of preparation regarding light set-up and composition. Placement of the light is a very important factor in Adrian’s photography anyway. In addition, the background is an important element in his photography. How this turns out with the shoot of Olivier Richters is made clear step by step by Adrian.

Gemmy Woud Binnendijk
Gemmy has mastered the art of Fine Art Photography like no other. She really goes for detail and optimal poses. This makes every portrait, including that of Olivier Richters, a true project in which preparation and finishing are always given an important role.



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