Skillshare – What Makes a Good Photo: A Beginners Guide to Editing in Lightroom

So we’ve all been there: You see a photo, you like the photo, you decide to get in on the action – maybe take a few photos yourself…

So you get a camera, or you pull out your smart phone – both of which are great choices for photos, but then you start shooting and the photos are not matching up with the ideas you visualized.

Something seems to be missing and it could be one or a combination of many different things…

Well, that’s where this class comes in!

In this class we’d be discussing some technical tips of what makes a good photo.

We’d explore different parameters like the:

Subject framing; and
Composition of the photo

We’d then move on to unravel the process of editing photos and taking them from their raw state to a more polished state using Adobe Lightroom. This software is available on both desktop and mobile devices (and the mobile version has a free option – which is what we use in this class; because a good edit doesn’t have to cost a fortune).

This class was made with the beginner in mind. So whether you’re just a hobby’ist, an enthusiast, or you’re still on the fence wondering how things get done in photography; there’s something in here for you.

You do not need to have a DSLR camera to take this class. If you are armed with a smart phone, that would be more than enough. Most smart phone released in the last couple of years have very good cameras on them, and you can already begin creating great photos and edits with those.





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