Udemy – Create a Dynamic 2.5D Rig with Body Turn – Moho Anime Studio

Learn how to easily create a Dynamic 2.5D rig with full body turn and perspective in Anime Studio/Moho

What you’ll learn

  • Have a full working easy to animate 2.D Dynamic Rig with Body Turn
  • Develop your 2D Character Rigging skills in Anime Studio/Moho
  • Improve your Work Flow and make professional Animations
  • Use Anime Studio/Moho Tools
  • Create Characters in Anime Studio/Moho to Professional quality allowing easy seamless animations and improved productivity


  • You need Anime Studio Pro or Moho 12
  • Basic Anime Studio or Moho 12 Knowledge


Learn how to create a Dynamic 2.5D Rig in Anime Studio/Moho. You will learn advanced rigging techniques which will allow your 2D character to behave and react like a 3D Character Model, transforming your animations for your WebSeries, Feature Films and Games. It will improve your workflow, shorten the time it takes to make animations, allow a greater sense of depth to your characters, easily create complex animations, Your completed character will be able to do a full Body Turn from front to back with all the limbs and everything working, will have working muscle groups in the chest and arms, will have perspective bones to simutate 3D Depth for arms and legs, easily customisable to allow a variety of diffferent Characters and clothes and much much more.

This Course is for all Levels and I cover the entire process from start to finish in a set off 10 videos, I provide the basic character for free to download fully rigged all you need to do is follow the easy to follow videos to get your own 2.5D Rig

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for 2D Animators who want to learn how to Make a Full Working Body Turn
  • This course is for 2D Animators who want to learn how to achieve Professional Rigs
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Anime Studio






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