CGCircuit – Mastering Nuke Vol 5

In this online course, you are going to learn some of the most important techniques to paint out, roto and track in Nuke. This is the bread and butter of compositors. This course will teach you those techniques that will give you the feeling that there are no limitation to image manipulation.
Rotoing, tracking, painting could seem a bit fastidious, but with the rights tools and the right workflow, you’ll see that it is actually not that hard, and even pretty enjoyable!

As the other courses from this Nuke master class series, you will achieve a great shot, from beginning to end, that will illustrate all the professionals techniques that you’ll learn. I’m not wasting your time by showing you stuffs you’ll never use.

Those tips and tricks I’m about to share with you are part of my everyday toolbox as a senior compositing artist.

At the end of this course, you’ll be confident removing any element from a shot. You’ll be able to track your personal footage, and export cameras for other software. This will unlock an infinite world of possibilities for set extensions, CG integration, and image manipulation.

I’m Florian Girardot. I’m a senior visual effect artist specialized in Compositing. I’ve been working in the movie industry for more than 10 years.
This entire curriculum is based on both my professional and teaching experiences.

In The first chapter you will learn how to remove lens distortion from a shot in Nuke. This will allow you to prepare the plate for tracking and CG integration.

Then, you will learn how to track the shot using the camera tracker node from nukeX. this will allow you to generate a 3D camera you can use in other 3D package to render CG, or advanced projection techniques in Nuke.

Then, you’ll learn how to use properly the roto node, and we will talk about the proper roto workflow.

Next, in chapter 4, you will integrate the matte painting to our plate shot, taking advantage of the camera weyou tracked and the rotos you created.

Finally, In this last chapter, you’ll see how to use the roto paint node to paint elements out of the plate, and how to create geometries with model builder.

This tutorial covers some of the best tools that makes nuke the number one compositing software in the movie industry.

I’m really excited to share those key knowledges with you guys, so let’s get started right away!





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