Peregrine Labs – Yeti 4.0.0 Maya 2020 Win x64

Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, V-Ray 5.00, Renderman 23.3, 3Delight 12.0.113, Redshift 3.0.33, Clarisse 4.0 SP14

New Features
Added Sampler nodes.
Added an Expression Sampler node.
Added a Texture Sampler node, this replaces the old Texture node and a migration guide will be included.
Added a Curve Sampler node.
Updated graph editor with Grouping support.
Ability to change the default colors for Nodes and Sampler types which are stored in the Yeti config directory with the option for show/studio overrides.
Graph presets can now be saved, these are stored in the users Yeti config directory but may be moved to show/studio locations to be shared.
migrated to new graph editor UI theme.
A quick-menu for creating nodes and sampler, accessed via the tab key, has been added to the graph editor.
re-engineered simulation system for more accurate and stable results.
updated collision detection for better collision response and accuracy.
added new Density Gradient field for pseudo self collision of strands.
Added a Region of Interest to the Yeti node which will limit evaluation to points within the defined region during Display evaluation.
Clump node will now work without a second input, using a selection of the first input curve set to clump too.
Added Clump Size parameter to the Clump node, when set the node will try and create clumps of this size. If a second input is used it will define an influence radius, or if set to 0.0 it will default to the fibres length (the original 3.x method). This is a dynamic attribute that can take an expression or sampler.
Added Clump Selection parameter to choose between always selecting a clump or limiting it to a fibres length.
Clump node will now create a clumpIndex and clumpCount attribute to allow down stream control of individual clumps.
added ability to compute an arcLength attribute in the Attribute node.
removed By Length segment creation from Grow node.
Groom component editing has been enhanced allowing finer more detailed control over strand shapes with a new Component Editing tabs in the Grooms Attribute Editor to control the behaviour.
the Clump brush will now use the strand closest to the centre of the brush stroke as it’s guide.
Groom strand selection will be cleared when CTRL-clicking (strand selection) without any strands highlighted.
refactored subdivision code to use OpenSubdiv TBB evaluator for parallel evaluation.
Added an Interpolate Samples parameter to the Attribute node allowing both single and interpolated results to be returned.
Added Distribution parameter to Scraggle node which toggles between a random (original) or uniform (new) distribution style.
The Scatter node now provides much cleaner relax results when using a varying density value.
Removed legacy Shape model type from Guide curves and defaulting to the new Volumetric model.
Added the ability to enable a shared texture cache (which includes shared search paths) with the YETI_TEXTURECACHE_SHARED environment variable set to 1, by default each node/graph will now have it’s own texture cache and search paths.
Refactored Clump node to use a similar Volumetric model as Guides.
Added common elementCount variable that can be used in expressions to retrieve the number of points/fibres/etc.
Custom user variables will be retained when override cache with input is used.
Support for saved configuration information, by default this will be in a users directory but additional YETI_CONFIG_DIRS can be specified for show/studio overrides.
added the ability to control the number of threads Yeti uses with the YETI_THREAD_COUNT environment variable.
added Space parameter to the Scraggle node to control what linear space the scraggle is applied in, either Length (which is the current space) and Parameter (which is parameterized along the fibre). When using Parameter the Scraggle effect won’t change if the length of the fibre changes.
increased the default Texture Cache to 4gb from 2gb.
improved feather texture coordinates when Projection is used.
improved the look of the feather primitive with added Tip Start and End controls.
removed Dynamic Length parameter from the Grow node and defaulting to it always on now that By Count is the only supported creation option.
added the ability to query node selection state with the pgYetiGraph command.
added the ability to query and set node input and output connections with pgYetiGraph command.
brush radius, strength and softness will be retained between brush types while grooming.
updated cache core to HDF5 1.12.
updated core expression evaluator to SeExpr 3.0.

Bug Fixes
strand selection is now maintained when strands are deleted.
texture cache will correctly invalidate and reread referenced files on disks if they their timestamp has changed.
fixed High DPI UI issues on Windows.





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