RedefineFX – TyFlow DeepDive

So you want to “Learn tyFlow”. But where do you even start?

What should you learn first? What are the foundations you need to build on? With so many operators and infinite ways of combining them, it can be very overwhelming to even figure out what the first step should be, and can lead to outcomes like this:

enabling every setting & clicking every button out of desperation, hoping you’ll hit jackpot (and sometimes that approach might work, but you won’t understand why)
the simulation not working or looking bad & you don’t know where to even begin troubleshooting it
digging through the tyFlow forums & shoveling through hundreds of Facebook posts looking for answers
hunting down random tutorials & project files from around the web
And the worst of all: feeling like maybe this isn’t for you / you’re not good enough / talented enough / smart enough (NOT true, not in the slightest)

Now IMAGINE if a coach / trainer/ teacher walked in, sat next to you by your desk, and calmly walked you through exactly what you need to do to get RESULTS by the end of the day. I’ve worked very hard to do exactly THAT for you with the Deepdive. I’ve done all of the grunt work already, so you don’t have to. This course exists so you can skip all the frustrating trial-and-error and get it right the first time.
The Deepdive provides something a bunch of random tutorials never could

Structure, continuity, lessons building on top of each other to gradually introduce new concepts, a ton of finished effects & complete projects (not just an unfinished clay viewport preview of the effect) and the guidance from an experienced 3D instructor.

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