Skillshare – Beginners Guide To Texture Painting In Blender

Are you interested in learning how to paint textures onto 3D objects for use in your own personal projects?

Texture painting is a skill that relates to the process of priming a 3D object for texture application, and then using a variety of brushes and tools to custom paint our own textures and patterns. Many video game assets use textures that have been created for those specific assets, and in some cases even follow a very specific art style.

If the art of texture painting sounds like a skill that you would like to pick up, then this course will get you started. Using Blender 3D, a free open source software, you can begin creating textures of your own unique design.

Not only do we teach you how to use The texture paint tools but we also cover the steps requires to set up 3D objects so that we can prep them for our textures. We focus on…

Creating UV maps so that we can control where our textures will be placed
Assign materials so that our textures can be rendered onto the surfaces of the objects
Connect the textures to the assigned materials
Use basic tools like the draw and fill brush
Create a procedural brush for more detailed texturing
The class resources are attached to the class project

Get started today learning about the process of painting 3D objects in Blender!





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